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Femke Halsema becomes the new mayor of Amsterdam

The city council of Amsterdam nominated Femke Halema to be the new mayor of the Dutch capital. She will be the first female mayor of the city. The expectation is that Halsema will be officially appointed this month.

“Femke Halsema is definite and connecting. She knows the city, the different layers of society, the problems […]

More windows closed at the Main Red Light District

At the main district the 1012-demolition is clear to see. At the famous Trompettersteeg (the smallest alley of the RLD and Amsterdam!) and at the Dollebegijnensteeg several windows are closed due the 1012 project. This is the small part of the Main Red Light District of Amsterdam. The local goverment also agreed with an other […]

Report ‘Fragile Job’

There has been research about the effect of the closing down windows at 1012 and all the effects for the prostitution in the city. It’s called “Kwetsbaar Beroep” – Fragile Job-

The result of the examination is: The policy as started is negative for the whole prostitution branch but the elderman will continue the […]

Progression ‘Project 1012’

The council of the city-centre of Amsterdam has determined that over 60 windows has to be closed at the Main District & The Singel-area. The utilization for prostitution will be suspended in the future. Also the number of ‘coffeeshops’ will be reduced in the city-centre.

In the future only the windows at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal […]

Red Light Radio, live from Oudekerksplein

Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam. Red Light Radio brings you daily shows of local DJ’s, live performances and cool personalities doing a one time only radio show. You can expect shows full of afro beat or shows with black […]

Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam, died at the age of 62

–> Update: Eberhard van der Laan died at October, 5 2017. A new mayor will bw choosen soon.

On Wednesday, 7 July 2010, in a ceremony at City Hall, Eberhard van der Laan was sworn in as Mayor of Amsterdam.

Former Housing and Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan (55) was selected as the final […]

Plans about the future of the RLD


There is a new article at about the Amsterdam City-Centre and the Red Light Districts and what they have planned to do with it. 3 different brochures are for download

Read the article here

Mayor Job Cohen resigns

—————————-March, 15-2010—————————-

Job Cohen resigns his job as Mayor of Amsterdam immediately and “I will miss it terribly”, he said last friday (March, 12-2010) at a pressconference. He will become the new partyleader for the PvdA, the biggest Labour political party of The Netherlands. The former partyleader, Wouter Bos, resigns will leave the politics cause […]