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Webby; your ‘eyes at the Red Light Districts’

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You’re welcome to Amsterdam & the RLD’s, it’s nice to be there and safe to walk & stay!

The Red Light Districts of Amsterdam are famous all over the world. It makes Amsterdam worth a visit.
At the districts you’ll see hundreds -even thousand or more- visitors peeping all the ‘merchandise’ in the windows or even try some ‘warez’! 🙂 Most of the visitors at the main district are tourists who get a change to see the friendly and the tolerance of the Dutch & Amsterdam gouverment. But mainly; The Red Light District are going to change. The aldermen & mayor wants to get full-control of this area again (they lost it years ago) and get rid of the ‘wrong’ rental-lords, the pimps and abuse the human trafficers, drug lords and mobsters  -who take advantage of the situation to launder money-. More about this item can be found at the pages ‘about 1012‘.

But the tolerance at these districts also attracts strangers. Don’t be scared if people ask you to buy ‘Coke, Hashies or Extasy’ from them, just ignore them and walk on. These ‘salesman’ want to rip you off so don’t spend any time or money with them but enjoy the Red Light District of Amsterdam! The old-city-centre of Amsterdam is safe untill ´the last man leaves´. Don´t go to the Main-RLD after ± 02:00 (weekdays) or ± 04:00 (weekend) in the morning if you ‘just want to explore’. The main shops & sexshops will close at 22:00 H., the bars and sexshows later.

Transportation up en around the districts

If you need a cab you to your hotel; take one with a rooflight marked ´TAXI´and BLUE licenseplates. So you’re sure you have a legal cab with a ´to be trusted´ meter. No rip-off because you pay where you´ve being taken to. Avoid ‘snorders’, people who offers taxiservices without any cab-license, you never know what to pay and you’re not insured in the car. A nice way of transportation is the ‘Fietstaxi’. These bikedrivers offers cheap transportation but only for a small distance. The ‘bike’-cabs are pleasant to see, not to sit in! But then again, they are cheap, fast and have a nice fare-price, also for longer distances in the centre of Amsterdam. Or just walk, Amsterdam is not thát big!!

Other ways of transportation in Amsterdam: the public busses, trams, metro and commercial hop-on/hop-off busses or boats. Attention!: There is just a small offer of public-transportservice after 24:00 h! So plan your trips and visits in Amsterdam properly. You need a card (OV-card) for the public transportservice, available at the Central Station or the GVB-infostand at the Stationssquare. When you enter the tram of busses you can buy these too but it’s a bit more expensive. (only card-payments in the busses and trams)

Other things to know

You want to smoke some ‘pot’? Just walk into a ‘coffeeshop’ and ask the staff for it. It’s legal in Holland to buy & smoke. Normal cigarette-smoking is probihited by law in the bars, restaurants and other places in Holland but you can smoke a joint in a coffeeshop. At the coffeeshops you see the signs with ‘smoking-area inside’. Drinking beer or other spirits at the street is probihited at the main district. If you want an pint of lager or a Heineken just hop into a bar and order your beer! There are plenty of bars at this area!

Enjoy Amsterdam & the Red Light Districts!

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