*How much? / About prices

I’ve been emailed many times about the prices of the services and I had to Google for it aswell. It’s not so easy to tell you a normal
’15 minutes -protected- sex’ costs you € 50.– and that’s it…
There are girls who starts with a lower fee. At the Oudekerksplein, for instance, a lot of women services you for € 25 or € 30.-
But several -good looking- girls try to upsell their body -and services- when you are undressed in the room, laying on the bed ready for action! Top off? € 10 more. Handrelief without? € 25 extra, different possition? € 25 more, and so on. Sometimes they ask € 50 at the window but when your on the bed it’s only for a blowjob.

Do you want intercourse aswell in the same 15 minutes? €50 more! You can read more about this at one of the bulletinboards here at the internet. (see links at menubar ‘Bulletinboards’). At these bulletinboards a lot of girls are rated, just like hotels and restaurants. The sexworkers also read these but the services won’t approve when a girl is forced to work, she simply don’t care. Professional sexworkers are more willing to learn from their mistakes and have more stars or are rated with higher marks. These girls likes to have satisfied customers and are easy to regonize; If there is a special sign (puppet, namesign, flower or so) at the window it does mean ‘I’m in this window/room today and available’. Returning customers do regonize this and know where to go then. Sometimes you will see a queue of customers in front of the rooms of these girls….

*I’m convinsed, what to do to visit one of the girl?
>Negotiate the price at the door and make good agreement, before you get in! If you agree;  pay the correct fee. Most of the girls can’t -or won’t-  change money and see the rest of it as a tip for them, even before they started the services! Don’t start haggling afterwards about the services.
There are not bargains or money-back deals here possible. Paid is paid, your money is ‘out of your hands’. The alarmsystem will be turned on and a doorman will come to you to ask ‘about the problems’. Believe me, you should not be the first i’ll see almost naked and with your pants and shirt in your hands at the streets, thrown out of a room… Remember; the girls call eachother ‘hookers’ or even worse but if there is anything wrong or one of them is  in danger they all help eachother.

*Unprotected sex
>Beware of unprotected sex. Just think: If she does it with you, with who else did she do it too?! Don’t play Russian Roulette. If you love your life and health don’t start with it, not even for ‘a few bugs more’…

*Falling in love / being ‘special’ to a prostitute
>Sexual workers don’t fall in love with their clients, not even when they show affection to you. It’s just a job to them. And a lot of prostitutes are good at it!

*A prostitute robbed me
>Go to the police, they can take action but you have press charges against them. But it can’t be done anonymous. If you don’t want to be ‘known’ by the police; just accepts the injury and go on with your life.

*Is it safe to visit the districts?
>Well, all of the district are safe to visit. Off course it depends to yourself aswell; a few examples:

-At what time do you want to visit the district? >If you are after 2 ‘o’clock at the main district a lot of places are closed and some ‘strange’ people will arrive but it doesn’t mean directly ‘dangerous’.

-What is the reason you visit the district?
>Are you looking for hard-drugs here? No! Don’t spend any time with this pushy salesman (“Coke… XTC..?”). Just walk on and ignore them. If you want to smoke ‘hashies’ just step into a coffeeshop and never buy this from these salesman. Everything they sell is fake or rubish for extended prices! Rip-off alert!!!!

*Can I take pictures from the windows/girls?
>Don’t even think about it.
A lot of girls are protected by ‘doorman’ and they will ‘kindly’ force you to delete the picture or will do naughty things with your camera.
BTW, the canals are deep at the districts and swimming with your clothes on is not a nice sports to do.

*Can I go anonymously slip into a room or will everybody see me and remember me as ‘a client from a prostitute’?
>Well, the districts are visited by a lot of people every day and I don’t think they will remember you when they see you again. I wouldn’t regonize you, even when you visited
the most beautiful or most unattracted girl there! Would you…?
BTW, what is the reason the other people are here??? ‘Just a drink’ or anything else?!

*Should I see a sexshow?
>Yes and no, If you like sexshows, plz go!
If you think this is one of the main attractions of Amsterdam plz visit a real museum or see canaltour.  But the shows are nice to visit, Casa Rosso or Moulin Rouge are famous for it. But beware for a rip-off; negotiate a good deal with the doorman and get your bargain for the show! If you want to visit the Satans-church remember you RENT a glass. Drinks are free as long you rent the glass. You have to rent a glass at the entrance and hold it,
or fill it, as long you’re in the theater. The entertaiment at the bars are free unless you want a special show from the girls. Price: app. 1 euro per minute for the glass!

*I need a cab and someone offers me a ride.
>No, don’t use this kind of transportation. Most of the ‘snorders’ ask low prices for the ride but you’re not insured and it’s forbidden by law.

*Open 24/7?.
>Yes! No! Due city regulations the windows have to be closed between 06:00-08:00 AM, the shifts also change at these hours. In the evening most of the shifts change at 18:00 H. And many windows/rooms will be cleaned from 18:00 till 19:00 H. So, yes; open 24/7 but no, sometimes the rooms has to be cleaned.

*I want to know more / I’ve another question!
plz read all the information at the website and see how helpfull it is. If you have more to ask, just drop me an email, I’ll see what I can do (or not).

Have a nice time in Amsterdam and don’t forget to visit one of the sponsors of!