At ‘De Pijp’, a quarter at the centre/south part of Amsterdam, is a small sexworkers-spot called the ‘Ruysdaelkade’. (Slang for ‘De Pijp’ is ‘Slurp or Blow).
Here you can see 40 windows, open all day & night. They are located in between the houses of the locals. At the apartments above the windows locals live and sleep. The district is app. 10 minutes walk from famous Heineken Brewery. A McDonalds is only 2 minutes away.

De Pijp

Quarter ‘De Pijp’ used to be a workers-area with small houses and apartments, now-a-days most of them are renovated or rebuild and the yuppies and students live in this area. It’s a trendy & cozy area to be in. But expensive to live in too. The Pijparea is famous because of the amount of brown-cafe’s, student-bars, restaurants with all kind of international menu’s and the cozy atmosphere. At daytime you can visit the famous Albert Cuypmarket, Heineken Brewery, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Van Goghmuseum or other touristic attractions in this neighbourhood. It’s easy to get here by public transport or just a 15/20 minutes (really nice) walk from the ‘Leidseplein’ and also from the “Rembrandtsplein”.

The Red-Lighted Windows are at the ‘Ruysdaelkade’ between the ‘Albert Cuypstraat’ and the ‘1e Jan Steenstraat’ and a few more between the ‘Ceintuurbaan’ and the ‘Van Ostadestraat’. The ‘Boerenwetering’ itself is a canal with different names; at one side it’s called ‘Ruysdaelkade’ and at the other side it’s ‘Hobbemakade’. The Rijksmuseum is cornered with the ‘Hobbemakade’ and the ‘Stadhouderskade’, just staps away from here. Under the canal is a carparking for locals. The RLD-rooms can be recognized at the pentice above the windows and/or entrances.

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Metro 52 will bring you here from the Central Station. Stop = Ferdinand Bolstraat (Stop number 3 > Rokin > Vijzelgracht > Ferdinand Bolstraat), use exit ‘Albert Cuypstraat’ (the famous market) and then walk away from the market, along the McDonalds, into the Albert Cuypstraat,  just at the bridge of the canal ‘Boerenwetering’ you’ll see the windows at your left hand side. The Sir Albert Hotel is at the corner of the Ruysdaelkade/Albert Cuypstraat. A printable map can be found at ‘Maps of the Districts’-page.

More in this area

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‘De Pijp’ is s a very trendy part of Amsterdam, worth a visit. Good and cozy bars & restaurants are all-around ‘De Pijp’.

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Don’t forget to visit Fabrique des Lumières at the Westergas to see the most wonderful digital art impressions, brought to life by light, projection & music.

Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam. Kind Regards, Webby.

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