Singel District

The other RLD in the city-centre is at the other side of the shoppingstreet
‘Nieuwendijk’ and called ‘Spuistraat/Singel District’.

In the ‘Singel-district’, with the Oude Nieuwstraat, Spuistraat,
Singel, Korte Korsjespoortsteeg & Korte Kolksteeg, there are about 55 windows
filled with girls, women & several transsexuals.

It’s a friendly & safe area to walk in.
No screaming and drunken tourists here, locals live, work and sleep here too.
It’s not a real tourists-area, it’s more for locals who are looking for sexual
entertainment. But you’re welcome to take a look or entertain yourself here.

The variation of working-girls in this district is from young (18?) to old (>65) and you can find a lot of South-American (Latinas) here. If you can see purple light (black-light) in the windows the sexworker is often a transsexual. Prices at this area are negotiable, don’t be shy just talk to one of the girls/women and ask what & how much for a time-periode she’s asking. If you know you can thank her for the information. I even could take pictures inside the room without ‘being served’! Friendly people here.

Click here for more!The Spuistraat & Singel are normal streets of Amsterdam. Cars, scooters, pedestrians and so on are passing by. The Spuistraat is part of the ‘Centrum-ring’, the main route around the city-centre of Amsterdam. The Oude Nieuwstraat & Teerketelsteeg are traffic-free streets, the Korte Korsjespoorsteeg & Korte Kolksteeg are car-free, the Singel is a bike-street.

Hotels, bars, coffeeshops, sexmovie-theaters, restaurants and dailys are here plenty to find. At the Spuistraat is also a gay-orientated sexcinema, even a special gay-sexshop is here! During the summerperiode you can eat at one of the terraces at the Spuistraat. A lot of fine and affordable restaurants are esthablished here. Spanish, Italian, South-American, Dutch or just a burger, choose the menu you like!

This district stay’s open all night but the number of girls will reduce as the clock ticks on at night. The windows are closed during ‘shift-change’ for cleaning (06:00-08:00 & 18:00-19:30)

There is a map of this area at the ‘maps of the districts’-page

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