At ’the Walletjes-district’ you can drink, eat, sing, gamble, smoke, shop, see a sexshow and have sex with one of the sexworkers.

In the theaters there are all kind of sexshows on stage, the best known is the famous ‘Casa Rosso’, located at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. There are a lot of bars at this part of ‘Adult Amsterdam’ where you drink a beer or two, or just a glass of Coke. One of the well-known bars is the ‘Old Sailor-bar’, located at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, cornered with the Molensteeg, is a nice and friendly bar where you can meet locals and internationals. Just like ‘de Stoof’, a bar cornered at the Stoofsteeg and Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Sexshops are everywhere in this district! It´s free to walk in and look around! At the Warmoesstraat is a SM/fetish shop. Most of this very special and fashionable sexy-clothing is handmade by the owners. Restaurants at the RLD are more ‘daily’-like or Kebab and snackshops.

The Bulldog

At the Famous Zeedijk, just a few steps from here, are a lot of fine restaurants. Most of them are Chinese, it’s ‘Chinatown’ over there.
But for a good international menu you’re welcome here as well.  Plenty to choose from!

And off course: The Coffeeshops. Not only for coffee but you can smoke hashish/cannabis/weath here. Smoking ‘pot’ is legal in Holland.
One of the best known coffeeshops is also at the Red Light District: The Bulldog (located at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, between the alley’s Dollebegijnensteeg and Trompettersteeg. The Trompettersteeg, by the way, is the smallest alley in the neighbourhood and filled with girls, girls, girls!

Remember; in the coffeeshops in Amsterdam it’s legal to smoke a joint but no sigaret or a cigar! And no alcohol allowed too, not even a beer! The mayor and counseling forced the coffeeshop-owners to make a decision: smoke or drink, not both. BTW: smoking pot & alcohol doesn’t match anyway, it will make you feel sick right-away. So: No mixing!

TIP! If someone gets sick due smoking pot or mixing: The bloodsugarlevel is far too low then and can do strange things with you…
Give sugar to the sick person right away!!! Drink any flavored soda like Coke, Orange, Sprite and don’t take the light/diët ones or drink a Red Bull! Or just take some sugar(cubes). A candybar like Mars, Bounty or Snickers is also filled with sugar. And drink a lot of water, our tapwater is okay, the quality of the tapwater in the Netherlands is like Evian, Spa or other brands. You don’t need to buy bottled water. The plastic bottles are not good for the environment so plz avoid these or re-use one bottle during your trip through Amsterdam. You can fill your bottle in almost every bar, restaurant or (public) toilet and at a lot of special TAP-points in the city. Even at the streets you’ll find tapwaterpoint, free and 1-st class quality!

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Don’t forget to visit Fabrique des Lumières at the Westergas to see the most wonderful digital art impressions, brought to life by light, projection & music.

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Oude Zijds Achterburgwal

Casa Rosso

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