The Oudekerksplein (en=’old-church square’),  is a street around the Old Church at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.
A very small alley is here too; the Engekerksteeg (en= ‘small alley to the church’), there are 3 windows in here and an ‘windowsrental-office’. Almost all the windows here are filled with girls, mostly from South America and Africa. Here are some windows closed, now they are temparary occupied by designers. At the Oudekerksplein is a Sexcinema, it’s one of the oldest sexcinema’s of Amsterdam and still playing 8mm. movies.

At the Corner of the Ouderkerksplein and the Engekerksteeg is the Prostitution Information Centre (P.I.C.).
In this centre you can get all the information you want to know about the RLD and girls who are working here.
Not the details of course but the overall information.
The centre is easy to regonize; it has a big window with a lot of ‘red’ things. And a chair, you can, if you’re willing to pay a fee for this, have your picture taken in the window, just like a real prostitute!

The PIC is selling books, T-shirts, pictures, all kind of unique redlight district souvernirs and handmade gifts. They organize at daily or weekly base some tours through the Redlight District, ask inside!
The staff from the P.I.C. is on vuluntary base working here.

All the information is free to get but keep this centre open by buying something or just donate some money to keep it alive.
The shop is here to generate money for the information resource centre so plz donate.

The website of the P.I.C. is here