The Molensteeg (en=’Millsalley’),  is a street between the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and the Zeedijk.

The app. 25 windows here at both sides and filled with girls from all ages and ethnicity.
At the Molensteeg are several bars, Takeaway-shops and a Tobacco shop.

If you walk in from the canal at the corner is ‘The Old Sailor’ bar.
Famous and well visited by everyone. Drink a pint of lager here!

If you walk to the end and go left you’re at the ‘Zeedijk’ with his bars, shopmarkets, tourist shops, snack houses and (Chinese) restaurants.
‘Nam Kee’ is the most famous here. But there are many more restaurants fine to visit.
Always look where the locals eat! They know the best….!
At this part of Amsterdam starts ‘Chinatown’. A Chinese Temple is also at the Zeedijk, open for visitors.

It’s not the Chinatown you might know of London or NY, its much smaller but everything is in Amsterdam, isn’t it?!

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Don’t forget to visit Fabrique des Lumières at the Westergas to see the most wonderful digital art impressions, brought to life by light, projection & music.

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