Progression ‘Project 1012’

The council of the city-centre of Amsterdam has determined that over 60 windows has to be closed at the Main District & The Singel-area. The utilization for prostitution will be suspended in the future. Also the number of ‘coffeeshops’ will be reduced in the city-centre.

In the future only the windows at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal & alleys (Main district) and the Oude Nieuwstraat (Singel district) will remain open for prostitution.

Totaly 62 premises will lose their utilization, 52 at the main district and 10 at the Singel Area. 31 are already prostitution-free. The other 31 will loose their license shortly.

The meaning and explanation of this project can be found at the pages ‘about 1012

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