Mayor Job Cohen resigns

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Job Cohen resigns his job as Mayor of  Amsterdam immediately and “I will miss it terribly”, he said last friday (March, 12-2010) at a pressconference. He will become the new partyleader for the PvdA, the biggest Labour political party of The Netherlands. The former partyleader, Wouter Bos, resigns will leave the politics cause he want to spend more time with his family & kids. It’s expected Cohen will boost the party to be leading and Cohen might be prime minister after the elections of June this year. Cohen has been mayor of Amsterdam since Januari, 17-2001.  Who the new mayor of Amsterdam will be? I really don’t know! See this pressstatement at

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Mayor Cohen resigns with immediate effect

In a statement made earlier today, Friday 12 March 2010, Job Cohen announced his resignation as Mayor of Amsterdam with immediate effect. He has entered his name as a candidate for election as the new leader of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) following the resignation of Wouter Bos.
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