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The ‘Small Wallen’, next to the Bulldog, closed forever

The small part of Main The Red Light District is closed due ‘project 1012‘. No more girls at the Dollebegijnen-steeg, The Trompetter-, the Goldberger-, Betlem- or the St. Annen-/St. Annedwars-.
The passage ‘La Vie en Rose’ (Roos called now-a-days) willl still remain open for the time being.

Where the girls, who worked at one of these rooms in the alley’s, can be find is still, al mysterie for now. ‘1012’ is part of an operation to resize the Walletjes (RLD) and still going on. The property owners have sold the houses to the municipality Amsterdam and the will decide what to do with it. Maybe rooms for students, maybe stores for commercial starters, maybe several very expensive AirB&B rooms/appartments.

Nothing is already know/decided by now, we’ll have to wait and see. But no more girls at the windows at the ‘The Small Wallen, thats for sure.

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