Femke Halsema becomes the new mayor of Amsterdam

The city council of Amsterdam nominated Femke Halema to be the new mayor of the Dutch capital. She will be the first female mayor of the city. The expectation is that Halsema will be officially appointed this month.

“Femke Halsema is definite and connecting. She knows the city, the different layers of society, the problems and all the challenges. She sees in an inspiring way the opportunities and possibilities of the city and also sees the vulnerability”. Halsema was fraction leader for GroenLinks between 2002 and 2010. Before that she was a parliamentarian for several years. This is the first time a GroenLinks member will be mayor of one of the Netherlands four large cities.

Femke Halsema is 52 years old and lives in the eastern district. This appointment has made her ‘happy, proud and humble.’
‘It is a great privilege to be able to serve my fellow city dwellers in the coming years,’ she said in a post on her own website. ‘I will do everything within my power to be the mayor of all Amsterdammers.’

A total of 114 people applied to be mayor of Amsterdam in two application rounds. In the first round 29 people applied, only four with administrative experience, so the vacancy was opened again time. In that round, 85 people submitted applications.

The search for a new mayor follows the death of Eberhard van der Laan in October 2017. Van der Laan was mayor of Amsterdam for seven years.
Jozias van Aartsen was acting as interim-mayor and will leave this city as Halsema becomes the mayor officialy. He said: “I congratulate former colleague Femke Halsema with the council’s decision and I wish her much wisdom and pleasure in her work.”

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