Red Light District 2013-01At the main district the 1012-demolition is clear to see. At the famous Trompettersteeg (the smallest alley of the RLD and Amsterdam!) and at the Dollebegijnensteeg several windows are closed due the 1012 project. This is the small part of the Main Red Light District of Amsterdam. The local goverment also agreed with an other roomowner/homeowner (Mr. & Mrs. Joinking), owner of a part of the St. Annenstraat & Dollebegijnensteeg block) to reimburse and close the windows. This will be completed in 2013.

At the Oudekerksplein several closed windows are renovated, still waiting to see what’s going on there, no prostitution anymore for sure! At the Oudekennissteeg 2 closed windows are opened again for the workers. They are renovated too. At the same time a few closed windows at the OudeZijds Achterburgwal are renovated and re-opend again. Several others are renovated and got another fulfilment; F.I.:  Waffles & Icecream. The goverment want to scale-up the ‘merchandise’ at the RLD… Well; Good Luck, don’t  strain o.s. in lifting…
The real Amsterdam-feeling will disappear. Is that what you want? If so: Good Luck!
What’s next? The famous Museumplein as quiet square with nothing to do or to celebrate on?

Shame on you, you politicians!

About the Singel/Spuistraat district;
The windows at the Bergstraat & Korsjespoortsteeg are closed permanently. Red Light Windows will be concentrated at the Oude Nieuwstraat, Korte Korsjespoortsteeg,  Korte Kolksteeg, Teerketelsteeg and a few at the the Spuistraat and Singel.