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At this moment all the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam are with the boys & girls again!

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The Amsterdam Red Light Districts of Amsterdam are famous, worldwide, almost every tourist who visited Amsterdam has been there. Even it was only to have a sneak and naughty view here…

There are 3 different Red Light Districts in Amsterdam, ‘De Walletjes’ is the best known area and the biggest too. It’s in the old city-centre, just steps away from Damsquare and the Central Station. Main attraction is The Oudezijds Achterburgwal with his small streets & alleys filled with windows & all kinds of sexual entertainment.

‘De Walletjes’ is desirable by everyone who visits Amsterdam. It’s not only for the great variation of girls who are working here but also for the nice and cozy area with his restaurants, bars, sexshops, sexshow/clubs and the coffeeshops. It’s a safe place to be. Just use your common sense and walk here or visit one of the bars, restaurants, clubs or girls! At ‘The Main Area’ (de Walletjes) are hundreds of windows, it’s the main sex-attraction of the city centre these days. Hundreds of people are walking and peeking here every day, evening or night throughout this area. It’s a nice, safe & great place to walk around. If you don’t want your camera broken; Don´t take pictures of the girls in the windows, they really don´t like that! Just walk around, hop into the sexshops, see a show in a sextheatre like Casa Rosso, The Bananabar or the Hospital, visit a peepshow, proof your luck in a casino/gamblinghall, have a drink at one of the bars or use one of the attractions in the windows…. 🙂 50 euro will do (15 minutes, services depends of the girls). Have fun and enjoy ‘De Walletjes’!

Read more about the main district here

The other RLD-area in the city-centre is located around the Spuistraat/Singel, it’s at the other side of the shoppingstreet ‘Nieuwendijk’. It’s called Singel-district’ with the Oude Nieuwstraat, Spuistraat, Singel, Korte Korsjespoortsteeg, Teerketelsteeg & Korte Kolksteeg. There are about 55 windows filled with girls, women & several transsexuals.

It’s not a real tourists-area but more for locals who are looking for sexual entertainment. But you’re welcome to take a look or entertain yourself here. Bars, sexmovie-theater, restaurants and dailys are here plenty to find.  At the Spuistraat is also a gay-orientated sexcinema ,even a special gay-shop is here!

Read more about the Singel-district here

The third Red Light District is located at another part of Amsterdam; ‘De Pijp’. Almost cornered with the famous ‘Albert Cuijpmarket’ is the Ruysdaelkade.
Same thing as the Singel-district, this is more for locals who are looking for sexual entertainment but of course, you’re welcome here to take a look or more. At the Ruysdaelkade are app. 40 windows filled with girls of all ages and transsexuals. It’s just minutes away from the ‘Rijksmuseum’, the Museumplein,  The ‘Van Goghmuseum’ and the ‘Stedelijk Museum’. Easy to find with the new Metro 52 (Noord-Zuid Lijn), only 10 minutes from the Central Station

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I’ve made several pictures in the rooms of all the districts and made a flipbook of these.
You can see them in ‘Red Light’ and ‘just fresh cleaned’.
Thanks to everyone who allowed me to take a look inside!

See the pictures of the RLD-rooms here <UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Questions about the RLD’s?

Read the FAQ here for more information.

About the 1012 regulation

A lot of things concerning the window-prostitutionwill be changing. Windows in several streets will be closed and window-prostitution will be merged to a compact area. The city-board has made a project to ban ‘forced protitution’ and moneylaundring. This project is called ‘1012‘, as the postalcode is. Recent is ‘the small Wallen’ part closed, La Vie en Rose, Rose now, is still open in that a part of the main district.

Read more about this project at these pages

Maps of the districts
I’ve made several maps of the districts. They will be updated soon!
Print them and take it with you at your trip to Amsterdam!

Print the maps here

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At the a lot of pages pictures are published in a flipalbum <UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
Have fun at this website with all the infomation you need about the RED LIGHT DISTRICTS of Amsterdam!

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